As we gear down for Xmas, I decided I wanted to find out what DALL-E would do with some of our game names if they were used in a description for an art. If you don’t know then DALL-E is an Artificial Intelligence picture generator that creates original artwork using descriptions that you’ve typed in! It’s pretty amazing stuff and fast, there’s tons of amazing tech that’s accessible to everyone in the last couple of years.

The results are weird to say the least but fascinating. The images and their descriptions are below.

Forty Thieves Solitaire Gold, surreal


Magic Towers Solitaire, oil painting


People playing Mexican Train Dominoes Gold, cyberpunk neon


A woman playing Pyramid Solitaire in ancient Egypt, surreal


A giant llama playing solitaire during a snowstorm, oil painting


Christmas Solitaire Tri Peaks and Santa, abstract pencil


Happy Holidays!